My new picks in make up and skincare


I’ve done a little bit of damage here , but hey! It’s healthy to treat ourselves from time to time. I actually had an eye on some of these items a while ago so this justifies it 😀

I just got my Sephora delivery today and it’s always satisfying and exciting for me to open it. The packaging is cute and very well taken care off.

so this one I’ve seen maybe two months ago on Tarte Cosmetics website, and it wasn’t anywhere to be seen here in Dubai and then last week, at one of the happiest moments of my life, here “she” is on Sephora’s website and amazingly in stock. I was like this is my moment, it’s the Treasure box collector’s set from tarte’s limited edition range for the holidays’ season.
As always tarte setting the bar really high with their amazing packaging. It reminds me of the Moroccan mosaic art.
It has everything to achieve so many looks. Again the formulas are perfect, the eyeshadows are very pigmented and blend amazingly. Just a first impression, like the tarteist pro eye palette, it doesn’t look like I’ll be letting go of this one any time soon.

Treasure box collector’s set (AED295-$59)

SO I went a bit crazy on the eyeshadows, but I mean look at these colors.
They do have other color schemes that look amazing, but I tried to be good so I’ve chosen Golden Hour by SMASHBOX.
This is actually my first SMASHBOX purchase, but from a first look and few swatches, I love it, it’s great to carry in your handbag and you can create few looks just using it. I am really excited about this one.

Golden Hour by SMASHBOX (AED165-$29)

I was really attracted by the face of this pumpkin, she looked so cute to leave behind I’ve just melted, but not only that it sounded like an interesting mask to. So it’s from the brand Too Cool for School and it’s the Pumpkin 24K Gold Mask
Pumpkin 24K Gold Mask (AED34-$8)

I always buy these Deodorant Wipes by Sephora everytime I make an order.Amazing and really handy while traveling. They keep fresh and smelling good.
Deodorant Wipes by Sephora (AED21)

Now from Souq I got two guerlain products, I looove this brand. Everything is minimalist and chic.
I got this brush the Guerlain-Bronzer Brush and also Guerlain Terracotta Light Sheer Bronzing Compact Powder – 03 Brunettes

Skincare wise, I really wanted to try the chemical peels for home use so I bought Revitaboost by Perfect Image
It contains a mixture of acids that allows the skin to peel and show a new layer. I especially bought it for acne marks so I will definitely share my thoughts about it in a coming blog, so stay tuned.
Revitaboost by Perfect Image

Last but not least I bought these 4 nail polish shades from KIKO, veeery beautiful, and the holiday’s season bag, Original and chic.
I bought the gold one last year, so I went to repurchase it and I found these amazing colors.A light bronze, a burgundy and a green goldish one. They have few more shades. Worth checking out.

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