My go to shopping websites in Dubai

With our hectic life, traffic jams, overcrowded shopping centers, we sometimes just want to wind down and maybe hide at home. However we will still want to eat food, buy clothes or just spend some money 😀

I am listing here my top 4 shopping websites in Dubai (since I live in Dubai), that in my opinion are very reliable. I am basing this on my personal experience and the fact that I used these platforms at least twice, taking into consideration every step from making the order until receiving it (or returning it if need be). I hope you can find something you can relate to and please know that I am still testing out other websites and will definitely share with you anything that I find interesting and practical.


Namshi is the best in my opinion so far in terms of fashion, they even have a beauty section and a lifestyle one. I usually find what I am looking for if I want something specific and I enjoy browsing on the website when I just want to spend some dirhams :D. The website is very user friendly.There is a wide range of brands and items for everyone. You’ll mostly get you order delivered the next working day and in case you want to return an item, the only thing you’ll have to do is request a return through your account and they’ll come to collect it right at your door (which I find amazing!). You have a very long 14 days to return the item/s, you’ll have to keep them in the state you bought them though. You will not get a refund, but you will have a credit that you can use for your next purchase.

Delivery fee : Free
Payment options: Paypal, Credit/Debit card or Cash on Delivery with a charge of 15 aed.

What annoys me : I would’ve preferred if the website has a “view all” option while browsing. As sometimes it gets a bit daunting to keep on clicking on the pages’ numbers.

Aswaq Online

Again, this website is spot on. It’s an online supermarket with a variety of brands and products, it let’s you cover almost all your grocery needs. I personally use it for all the heavy duty items, the fresh food is of excellent quality. They are punctual in terms of timing. They also have a loyalty program that allows you to collect points and also to get special offers/vouchers sent to your email address. They do also deliver on Fridays, which is exciting! Not to forget the customer service, they are very polite and helpful.

Delivery Fee: Free for orders over 100 aed.
Payment Methods: Cash or Credit/Debit Card on Delivery, Credit/Debit card on website or by redeeming the points earned from the loyalty program scheme.

What annoys me: Nothing really.


I want all of it! I mean who doesn’t want makeup. I personally find the website experience more satisfying than going to the actual store, I know, it sounds weird but honestly I do feel like I have a whole makeup shop for me without someone nagging, I mean this is makeup and it needs concentration. Everything comes nicely packaged, and you usually get it the next day or the same day if make your order before 12pm. There is a loyalty program as well that allows you to some pretty good benefits.

What annoys me: I once had the bad luck of ordering an item that was out of stock. After a whole day I was contacted to know that my order of twenty-ish items was canceled because of 1 out of stock product.

Delivery fee : Free for orders above 350 aed and if you are a gold card holder. Otherwise the fee is 20 aed.
Payment methods: Credit/Debit card on website or cash on delivery with a charge of 20 aed.


Carrefour is a saver when it comes to home appliances as they offer free installation. The items come very well taken care of and the workers will make sure that everything works perfectly before leaving. Carrefour lately started delivering grocery as well, they’re not on top of their timing though (but they do come at the end)

Delivery Fee: Free for orders above 500 aed.
Payment Methods : Credit/Debit car on website, cash on delivery with a fee of 5 aed.

What annoys me: I find the minimum amount to avail the free delivery a bit excessive.

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